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Shali Design Company is specialized in book cover design.

If you are a writer looking for either e-cover or paper cover designs for your novels, a perfect match for your brainchild, you have found the right place. We wont stop working until our clients are completely satisfied.

A professional ebook cover image is so critical to a book's success, and we are proud to be a part of YOUR success.

We also can create illustrations for the content of your book.


More information

Whether you are publishing just an E-book or in print, you will need a book cover. This means that you will have to hire at least one design professional.

There are two people traditionally involved in book cover design:

1. The illustrator/photographer provides the artwork.

2. The book designer pulls together the art and the text/typography into a beautiful, eye-catching design.

Some books can get away with just design. A good rule of thumb is to assume that material set in a contemporary period or for material that references modern issues probably only needs design. In fact, an illustration may actually detract from such a book.

Genres that probably don’t need illustrations (or even photos) are self-help books, business, books, and some kinds of contemporary fiction.  Historically-placed novels require custom illustration. 

As you can see, all books benefit from good design.

Hire the designer first, then allow him/her to help you choose the illustrator or photographer, if you need one.
The designer will be the illustrator’s “boss” and make sure that the project turns out right. Many illustrators are not capable of design, and the natural hierarchy is for the designer to command the illustrator.

Think of it this way: the illustration is put inside the design. No matter how good the illustration is, the book will suffer if the design isn’t up to par, or if the design style is inappropriate for the genre.

It is reasonable to expect to pay anywhere from $100-1000 for a custom design.
(not including custom photography or illustration).

  • The low-range of the above price range would include self-help books with only a typographical treatment, and photo of author supplied by client or copyright-free photo obtained by the designer.
  • The mid-to-high range would be for a cover that utilizes photography in a creative usage (see illustration above). Higher prices reflect more work by the designer.

What you should expect for your money:

  • Any cover should include at least one revision.
    A higher price should reflect more potential revisions.
  • All covers should include a digital Ebook version.
    3 sizes for Ebook cover, advertising and icon (postage-stamp version).
  • If you provide the artwork, then you could probably fit into the lower price.
    However, sometimes this works against you. Always allow the designer to decide whether your artwork is appropriate.

Remember, that the designer of a book cover is responsible for the front, the back and the spine. Also, she is responsible for the color fidelity, and this requires a hard proof in all cases.  Never does the design on screen match what is in print, and all printers are unique. I know, for example, that Lightning Source tends towards magenta in the final print. (CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black; all color prints are made of all 4 colors).

Even if you are only doing an E-book, have the designer design a cover for the print version: that way, you will have it in a size large enough for a print version, should you ever decide to go to print. This will save you money in the long run.

I highly recommend that any publisher use a professional designer for their book covers, if not for the interior. After all, the cover is the most important selling tool that you have as an author.

There are many things that a designer knows that can make your process go much smoother. In the long run, unless you want to go to school to become a designer, it will be cheaper to hire one.

By Thetawave / February 27, 2012 / Award-winning Book Designs, Book Design