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The rate will be determined by the complexity of the job requested. 

For a free estimate for your design requirements please go to our contact page or email us directly at:

[email protected]

Book Cover Designs

Shali Design takes pleasure in helping authors create the perfect first impression for their fiction or non-fiction writings.

We design covers for e-book to publish on iTunes, Smashwords, Kindle, Barns & Noble and so on.

Our basic fee is CAN$50.00 for an e-book cover and CAN$160.00 for a print cover (subject to change).  This fee includes several variations on the style and/or design of your cover using a number of different fonts and placements. It is optional that you provide a high-quality image for us to work on.

For print cover, to ensure the authentication of your cover, we also provide photography service to take outstanding pictures of people or scenery to create an unique cover that will surely catch readers' eyes. This service is available only within BC, lower mainland Vancouver area. You will need to pay for travelling and accomodation expenses when the service is required somewhere else.

Our fee is payable through cheque, money order or directly deposit to CIBC or Royal Bank account.

Turn around time for your e-book cover can be as little as two days or as long as two weeks, depending on how quickly our emails are responded, and the amount of work that you want done. Print Cover will take longer as we will need to work closly with your Publisher and liaise with your printer to make sure files are fine and follow it with you until the end product, which is a printed book in your hands..

For us to begin your e-book cover we will need the following:

- Your image (optional)
- The name of your e-book 
- Subtitle (optional)
- Author's name
- The genre of your book

Below are some samples of the sizes of your cover that are accepted on different ebook platforms. Please specifize which size you want for your cover. It would be best if you can let us know on which platform do you plan to e-publish your book.

Business Card Designs

We can help professionalized your business by creating customized and unified business cards for all your employees.

Special offer, limited time only:  

"Company package" includes designs for up to 50 individual employees: CA$500